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Telephone Data Collection

For over 30 years, Mktg, Inc. has set the industry standard for providing the finest in Telephone Data Collection. This standard was created initially based upon our founder's untarnished view of how they felt telephone interviewing should be conducted and we have never compromised. Through a combination of extensive ongoing data collection experience and the use of new technology, Mktg, Inc. provides all of our clients with a feeling of comfort knowing that their projects will be completed accurately and on time. In a profession where experience counts, Mktg, Inc. has successfully completed over 15,750 Telephone Data Collection projects.

telephone assisted interviewing

 Capabilities and Services Offered:
  • Two industry accepted computer assisted telephone industry packages
  • Quancept (predictive dialer capabilities)
  • SOLID (Surveys OnLine Interview Design) which allows for multimode telephone/online data collection
  • 165 stations
  • Senior project management team/programmers with individual experience of more than 25 years.
  • All programming, project management and data collection is done internally and is NEVER OUTSOURCED.
  • Field and Tab/Full Service capabilities
  • 29 years of experience in programming complex consumer and B2B questionnaires
  • Phone recruiting to web interviewing
  • Daily reporting/Dashboard in real time for multimode projects
  • Easy remote checking and review of questionnaire programming
  • Real time recorded offsite monitoring of live interviewing
  • Automated open end coding of verbatim responses
  • Data output provided in the following formats ASCII card image, ASCII string, SPSS, Quancept column Binary, Excel, SAS, and Access.

  •    Telephone Data Collection     Capabilities and Services     Quality      Training     Supervision     Monitoring Programs  

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