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Online Data Collection

Mktg, Inc. offers state of the art Programming, Hosting, and a true real-time reporting and presentation suite of services for Online Data Collection. SOLID (Surveys OnLine Interview Design), our advanced proprietary online software, was created by researchers for researchers. We found that none of the popular and commercially accepted software could meet our clients' needs.

We thus took advantage of the latest cutting edge technology to internally develop and provide the most robust, quality interviewing experience.

For our clients, we offer a reporting suite that provides in depth data analysis with graphic charting and real time reporting tools. As the industry leader in telephone data collection for over 30 years, we offer a multi-mode online/telephone solution to our clients, which provide additional flexibility in completing those challenging marketing research studies.

Click here to request a demo of our powerful data collection software.

   Online Data Collection     SOLID      Sample Management      Reporting Tools      Crop Duster™     Quality Control  

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