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Quality Control

quality The number of survey respondents who are not engaged can be significant and sufficient in number to contaminate inferences from the data we provide. Mktg, Inc. provides tools to identify these problematic respondents at no cost to our clients. To employ these quality measures requires making “none to minimal” additions to the survey which will neither increase the per-complete cost, nor worsen the respondent experience. We refer to this program as QMetrics®, a service where disengaged respondents are not only identified but where their impact on the data can be analyzed and appropriate measures for controlling this impact can be recommended. It is highly customizable to the client’s needs and their tolerance level for such respondents, and makes no changes to their data unless such steps are specifically requested.

Crop Duster, our Digital Fingerprinting tool, serves as a baseline quality service that we already provide and serves as our ‘basic’ quality package, but a number of QMetrics® measures can be deployed in addition to Crop Duster that will allow us to characterize the quality of respondents. Not all can be deployed for every survey (depending on its structure) and each can be deployed on its own according to the client’s request. crop duster

questionnaire Without making any changes to a client's questionnaire, QMetrics® can test for ‘speeders’, ‘straight-liners’ and the quality of open-ended responses (where such responses are present within a survey). With changes amounting to less than one minute of additional time, we can add directional based questions and factual traps. With changes amounting to less than two minutes of additional time, we can also deploy tests for logical inconsistencies. Except by client request, none of these tests will automatically disqualify respondents from participation. The choice of what to do with the extra information we provide is purely the client’s to make, though we offer analysis to determine how impactful the issues we detect are on responses elsewhere in the survey. Our tests will allow our client and sample house to boast a 'clean bill of health', increasing the value of their services.

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