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Why Sample Solutions?

Combining our science with sample, we provide global market research users with reliable, consistent and close to representative sample. In October 2010, at the ESOMAR Online Research Conference in Berlin, Steve Gittelman, President of Mktg, Inc., presented "Online Research and all that Jazz! The practical adaptation of old tunes to make new music," (download PDF) where he used an analogy of Jazz music to present a case for new standards and measures for online quantitative research. It demonstrated that from dissonance, our current view of online sampling frames, can come harmony and melody by using our standards that bring it all together to make ‘sweet music'. ESOMAR awarded Mktg. with the first ever, Best Presentation award which was voted on by the audience.

Since 2007, we have been studying samples and sample frames. It all started with the Grand Mean Project™, where we studied hundreds of panels around the world. In addition, we examine panels for consistency with Consistent Track® as well as creating blending models using our Optimum Blending® solutions based on behavioral sampling methods that transcend the differences between panels. We are well known in the industry as the panel quality experts.

Demographic quotas applied to a non-representative population will only provide you with a biased and non-representative sample. Without the use of a router, which has a bias of its own, Sample Solutions sample pre-selects respondents not only on demographics, but also on a segmentation of the population to match back to known standards in behaviors, media habits, and more, creating the Grand Mean Standard which is derived from using a multi-mode approach. This double layer approach provides both a behaviorally and demographically balanced sample.

We are the only panel that provides both quality and consistency, and removes the question: Did the market change or is my sample different?

How are we different?

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